Rev. Shirley Demory Wise, First Lady and co-founder of Faith Ministries Church is a native of Jackson, N C. It was there in her early childhood that she received the old fashion values which she brought along with her at the age of eight when her family moved to Baltimore., MD.


In Baltimore, Rev. Wise graduated from Western High School which was a college preparatory school for girls. From there, she enrolled in and graduated from Coppin State College of Baltimore, Maryland with a Bachelor of Science Degree. In addition to being an honor student while at Coppin, Rev. Wise was a Charter member of Coppin's Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority and a participant in Project Mission. This training prepared her for her chosen career as an elementary school teacher. She also holds a Master of Science Degree from John Hopkins University, Baltimore, Maryland.


In 1988 Rev. Wise dropped a bombshell on our nation's believers when she published her book: Sick and Tired of Being a Minister's Wife. It is one of the few books on being a minister's wife which admits and gives advice on the pain of being a minister's wife, while at the same time offers guidance on how to deal with God's man and God's people. Her latest book: When the Stuff Hits the Fan is also destined to be a great seller.


Rev. Wise is an ordained minister of the gospel. She presently serves as the Executive Assistant to the Pastor of Faith Ministries Church. She and her husband Dr. C. Dexter Wise III live in the greater Columbus, Ohio area along with their children Sybil, Sheri (James), Shonna, Ceylon (Ashley), their four granddaughters, Angela, Anye', Maya, Mariah and grandson Ceylon D. Wise V.


We praise God for Rev. Shirley Demory Wise. As a devoted wife, a committed mother and converted Christian, she is a fearless woman of courage and a modern day model of faith.

Our First Lady

Rev. Shirley D. Wise

We Are A Young And Growing Church


Faith Ministries Church of Columbus, Ohio is a young and vibrant congregation founded in December of 1991. Its chronological age may be somewhat misleading because it does not reveal right away that the founding pastor, Dr. C. Dexter Wise III, is a two time Harvard graduate who has himself been licensed to preach since the age of 16 in 1971 and pastoring since the age of 23 in 1977.


The age of the church does not tell of literally several centuries of combined church leadership experience vested in the deacons, staff and other ministry leaders who surround and support Dr. Wise. Nor, does the fact that Faith Ministries is only a few years old cause one to expect that in this brief period, the church has:


•Grown in membership from 6 members to over 1600

•Purchased 29 acres of land on which it has built a new 29,000+ square feet multimillion dollar church complete with sanctuary, classrooms, gymnasium, formal banquet room, parking for over 300 cars and many more unique features

•For several years produced a radio broadcast which was heard each week in six different states across the nation

•Produced a local weekly television broadcast (Soul Food) on WWHO TV since from November 2005 - November 2012

•Created its own Internet television station at

•Become the first video distance learning center of the Howard University School of Divinity in Washington, DC

•Developed a host of creative and effective ministries for men, women, youth and children

•Created a community development corporation called: Faith In Action which is the community partner in Faith Village – 144 unit Town Home Development

•Created an international mission outreach called: The International Fellowship of Faith Ministries with members and/or chapters in 29 different countries –

•Earned the respect of the greater Columbus community, the nation and people around the world.


We Are A Mission Minded Church


The mission of Faith Ministries Church is to build a community of Christian service for the calling, equipping, empowering and dispatching of men, women, boys and girls into the celebration and service of Jesus Christ both at home and throughout the world.


We Are An Interdenominational Church


Faith Ministries is an interdenominational church. By this we mean that we are a congregation made up of people who bring to our church the richness of a variety of denominational backgrounds.


God has blessed us to be able to blend the best of so many backgrounds into one spirit-led, bible based church which does not deny its traditional backgrounds, but is in no way bound by them. At Faith Ministries Church, we welcome any and everyone who seeks to celebrate and serve Jesus Christ as Lord.


We Are A Ministry Oriented Church


Our church is so ministry minded that:

Our church’s middle name is literally “Ministries”.

Our entire church is structured according to ministries.

Our goal is to become the church where every member is a minister.


We Are A Socially Conscious Church


Faith Ministries is conscious of its responsibility to be a catalyst in the process of transforming its surrounding community into the likeness of God’s Kingdom. We have taken steps towards this end by the creation of a community development corporation called Faith in Action which shares in the ownership of the Faith Village housing development.


We Are A Family Church


Whether you have one or not, when you visit or join Faith Ministries, you become a part of our family. We believe that the family is the basic building block of society and of our church. That is why we place a very high emphasis on and devote a great deal of time and energy to building and supporting families.


We Are A Soul Winning Church


If for some reason or another, you have not yet accepted Jesus Christ as your personal savior, you can do so right now even as you read these words. All you have to do is remember and follow a few alphabets.


A - Admit and agree with God that you are a sinner and need to be

     saved. (Romans 3: 23)

B - Believe in your heart that the death of Jesus on the cross of

    Calvary completely and fully paid the price for your sins before God.

    (Romans 5: 6-8; 6: 23)

C - Confess with your mouth that you are sincerely sorry for the sins of

     your past and that you now accept Jesus Christ as both your savior

     and Lord. (Romans 10: 13)

D - Do what the Lord requires of his followers, which includes being:

     baptized, joining a bible believing local church, and the      

     development of basic spiritual habits such as praying, tithing and

     studying God’s word. (John 15: 15)


Congratulations! You’re saved! It’s just that simple. Feel free to contact us at Faith Ministries to share the fact that you have accepted Christ; or to get more information on how you may continue to grow in the new life which you have begun.


We are a Fun Loving Church


At Faith Ministries, we love the Lord, we love each other, and we also love to laugh and have good, clean, Christian fun through the many regular and special fellowship events we offer to our church members and friends.

Our Church

Meet Faith Ministries